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Please suggest your movies posting its Title and a Link to it on, or any other online movie database.

Thank you!


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    I’d like to suggest a couple of movies.. They have something different from the all other movies of the industry today..So,

    Let The Right One In –
    Cypher –
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind –
    Lucky Number Slevin –
    Good Will Hunting –

  2. Finally, a blog for hardy-party movie maniacs!

    Movies to watch?

    1) “God on Trial” ( It is a nice movie if: 1) you are interested in death camps of WWII, 2) want to know how people who were in those death camps experienced and connected their faith to their situation, 3) love to listen debates on God, goodness, and evil in context of philosophy and practical life situation. It is NOT an action movie. So, no running, killing, jumping, and special effects. But it is a cerebral movie. So, lots of questions, debates, answers, and rhetoric.
    2) “The sea inside” ( A Spanish movie with English subtitles based on real life events. An Oscar winner. You may want to watch the movie if: 1) you are interested in issues of self-assisted suicide coupled with ethically conflicting situations, 2) deep reflection on human psyche, relationships and their peculiarities in times of trouble and trauma. It is NOT an action movie. It is a drama and very touchy one, to that end. So, if you like cry make sure you have a towel with you.
    3) Are you interested in New French Extremity? No? Good for you. Yes? Well, you may want to watch the movie I hesitate to write about but it has lots of nudity and quite out of touch with everyday realities of Azerbaijan. But it is a nice movie. I had mixed feelings though. It is French with English subtitles – it is fleshy, lustful, sensual, shocking, and by Azerbaijani standards miXXXed. Are you interested to hear more about the movie? E-mail… .

    Ughurlar haminiza…

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